Empower Thyself and Initiation     

            This is it! The big- humungous, fabulous step in the direction of your dreams and desires! Initiation will align your will with the will of God and the Universe, will bring more light into your being and make more light available for you to work with. The benefits of this program are many and will work for positive change for you regardless of whether you believe this or not!  

-Greater resiliency from stress and illness

-Greater connection to the Hierarchy of Light and higher forces

-Greater Self -Knowledge

-Healing of the DNA

-Greater connection to your self and your self's purpose

-10x the light 

-Spiritual and physical protection

-Continuing connection and support from your Guide and the lineage. 

. You will receive tools that will empower you to create a whole new life. This class will literally connect you more fully with who you are and your own unique life purpose on the planet: and therefore, the people who you will need in your mission! Growing can be uncomfortable, but who wants to go back in time? Given the choice, most of us would choose to move forward in life.  To take this class is to begin an initiatory path that can lead you to a fully liberated life on the planet through the royal lineage of King Saloman and the Modern Mystery School. If you are someone who really wants to make a positive difference in the world, truly and deeply heal yourself, to be in healthy, fulfilling relationships, this class will catalyze, facilitate, and hasten your ability to do so. 

900$- 300$ non-refundable deposit due before class.

Contact me about the next Empower Thyself with me or in your area!

Next dates in Vermont: July 20 and 21. From 10-6 Saturday and 10-8 Sunday.

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