Get to the depths of your heart and belonging- who are you really, and how does love, beauty and intimacy add to your life? Spend two days going deep with spiritual techniques and activations and connection time with your partner.

Private Healing Sessions are by Appointment Only. Check the Events Calendar for upcoming classes.

1 Hour Consultation


Life Activation: 


Taster Package:

2 Sessions: Life Activation & Full Spirit Activation


Empowerment Package

2 Sessions + Empower Thyself Initiation: 


Classes for Healing and Empowerment 

Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, The Seven Ancient Mystery Schools, Sanctuary Meditation

Weekly Max Meditation SystemTM class

Awaken Thyself Class

Empower Thyself Class (Two Days) 

Life Purpouse Reading

Negative Energy Removals

Advanced Healing Modalities

Focus in on core issues, expand your true self and come more fully into the world. 

- Etheric Reconstruction    

-Unified Chakra Awakening and Starseed Healing


I provide a warm, personal, and caring environment for your transformation. As your guide, I am dedicated to staying in touch with you and providing on-going consultation services to assist you in moving forward in your progression and in your life! 

Certified by the Modern Mystery School, I provide lineage based healings and classes for empowerment, self knowledge and peace that go deeper than the average teachings because of the strength and aliveness of the traditions that back them up.