Are you ready to Transform?

Are you frustrated with the disempowerment and pain within our lives today? Whether you experience this in your love-life, your family, community, nation, or world, it is un-freaking-deniable that people are suffering.

Have you tried hard to find the answer or a solution but failed to see the results that you deeply want? Have you longed for a deeply empowered connection- a spiritually aligned partner or community to create your dream of a better world with?

The answers won’t come from your mind.

Are you looking for support and encouragement to help you to become the best version of yourself, so that you can solve pressing environmental, social, and systemic issues?         

The way I have chosen to work on these issues is to focus on healing myself and knowing myself as an eternal, divine, and powerful being interconnected to all and especially to my heart. Ten years ago, nothing in this world made much sense to me or seemed worth giving my energy to, as most systems, relationships, and communities seemed to me too often to be lose-lose situations at their core. I have found this path and the knowledge that satisfies me and empowers me to see the world in a new light. Through this path I learn and share with others who I am as a divine and eternal being and not just theoretically. This is the real deal, the authentic experience, using ancient and time-tested, lineage tools. Through using these tools and plugging back into myself in a powerful way, I have been able to feel at peace and empowered no matter the state of my relationships! The lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School is one of the most comprehensive paths to support your complete evolution.

If you are determined to see a change for the positive happen, while you are here in your aching body with your one precious life on the planet, the Lineage of King Salomon, (which includes me!) and the Modern Mystery School, are here to support you create your goals and connect with your heart. Whether that is an amazing, authentic, heart bursting open love relationship, a career that fulfills every aspect of you, or a thriving family and community; these tools will support you.

This system will lead you back to your true self- through which EVERYTHING is possible.  

Contact me and let’s have a conversation about what I can provide for you. During your free consultation, we will spend some time talking and getting to know what your particular interests and needs might be.
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Where do I start?


Life Activation

The first session I do with almost everyone, Life Activation will, in one session, clear so much of what is blocking you from your life purpose, and therefore, your life people! Or, Person!

This is a one hour session combining an infusion of light, a full energy balancing and clearing, and a reading. You will recieve: 

- Greater Clarity & Inner direction.

- Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Detox. 

- Greater Immune Response

- A heightened connection with your Higher Self and Spiritual realms. 

-Healing of past traumas and family line.

-Greater Joy.

The benefits of this session last for your lifetime!


full Spirit Activation

The most important session for you to realize and embody your life purpose: whatever you came here to do, in service, will begin to be illuminated by this session. None of us are an island and we each need to connect into what brings us back to the whole community!

This works by a holy, ritual process that physically connects your soul more fully with your physical body to experience more joy and fulfillment in life.

This unique session will allow you to take your life contract to the next level of embodiment and expression that the Life Activation process began for you.

You will recieve:

-Another Energy Balancing

-Greater connection with your soul

-Mind and brain healing

The benefits of this session also continue for your life!


Empower Thyself and Initiation

A very special Initiation weekend program which will multiply the benefits of your healing light, the power of your heart to transform yourself and the world, times TEN! 

-Break free of all chains in your life

-Learn deeper mysteries about your self and the cosmos.

-Greater light, clarity and energy.

-Greater alignment with your Higher Self and the Hierarchy of Light. 

- Let go of past attachments and create a new life. 

This two-day class is a vital step for anyone who truly wishes to go deeply into their heart-work.

A very special Initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light at the end of the weekend will bring a blast of light, an energetic shift towards creation along with God, more direct contact with your Higher Self, God and Angelic forces, and tools which will enable you to identify your patterns and blockages, and to change your life however you see fit. 



- “Working with Maggie has been wonderful!  I have had the opportunity to receive energy work from her and to participate in a couple of her classes.  All I can think of when trying to describe her is to compare her to someone like a young Michelangelo—even though her technical skill and ability will no-doubt only increase over the coming years, her work is already infused with a type of (healing) genius that transcends everyday experience and that is something truly rare and special to behold.  In a world filled with people purporting to be energy healers, Maggie is the real deal.  Plus, she does it all with kindness, humor, and a positive attitude to boot—do not hesitate to work with her if you get the chance.

 - “I feel more in my groove than perhaps ever before.  Confidence has increased tenfold....I know I always look confident but I feel confident, whoa, that is a difference!  Thank you!!"

- "The change she helps bring is profound!

- “(Empower Thyself) was a magical weekend full of powerful energy I had never felt before and didn't really even knew existed. Very glad to have done it! I have felt more focused and "on path" ever since. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their work to the next level!"



Sharing Light Infusions at a metaphysical fair

Sharing Light Infusions at a metaphysical fair

Guides in Toronto, Fall 2018

Guides in Toronto, Fall 2018

The Holy Life Activation Wand

The Holy Life Activation Wand

Learning Sacred Geometry tools!

Learning Sacred Geometry tools!

Initiation Day

Initiation Day

  About Margaret

 In 2011 I experienced a life-shattering and “seeing God” experience while immersed in psychology research asking the question, "What am I doing that is attracting abusive and traumatic relationships?" I realized my immense power and the way that I had been using it to create misery and discontent in my own life and especially in my intimate relationships. Since then, I have been striving, first through non-violent communication and teaching that technique, studying buddhism, yoga and religion, meditating, trauma and psychology research, twelve-step groups, to shamanic studies, to see appreciate and love myself as well as all of those around me.

 I found the Modern Mystery School and the path of progression in the Lineage of King Saloman when I decided to stop hiding from everyone about what I was doing with my life and begin really investing in my own interests- art, volunteering, and spirituality, and in a way, coming back to myself and to what I as a holistic being had intended to learn and not simply what I found trendy or socially acceptable. This in turn, influenced my relationships by becoming more honest, authentic, and positive! Over three years and much study and practice later, I am now an initiated Guide, Healer, Ritual Master, and Celtic Shaman and find so much joy in assisting people to access their inner potential and power.

The Lineage of King Salomon has been a venue for people to access their true selves in a balanced, supported way, to achieve success in service, and to make an impact on this planet for thousands of years. For many years it was secret, but it is public today for the benefit of everyone who is ready and desiring to make changes in their own life and to benefit the world around them. 


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